The Startling Reality of Our Growing GDP

GDP growth has been on a great many people’s minds lately, and the quarterly results have generally been mildly disappointing for the last few years.  A closer examination of the makeup of the US GDP might, however, reveal some further truths about the economy and why the employment situation hasn’t improved significantly.  The situation is worse than we are led to believe. Continue reading

The US Debt Relative to Greece

As my father used to say “There are three reasons we can’t do it.  First, we don’t have the money, and it doesn’t make a damn about the other two.” – T. Boone Pickens

So what would it take for the United States to get to levels of debt like Greece?  It turns out, not that much.  In fact, it could be happening very soon.  Most people in the US have been closing our eyes and hoping that if we can’t see the problem it doesn’t exist. Continue reading

The Basics of Government Debt

Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them, but none are fun when you set about retiring them. – Ogden Nash

The next few posts will be about the debt crisis in Greece, other European nations, and the United States.  The first one will be light on the numbers, but the groundwork must be laid for any of those numbers to make sense.  Without understanding the basic mechanics of government debt, no data could help to create an informed decision. Continue reading

Romney and Obama show their true colors?

Politics in this era is so much about appearances and red herrings, and so little about common sense.  Two stories that have significant buzz today are as follow:

  1. Romney tour bus honks while driving past people waiting to enter an Obama event.
  2. Obama walked out on a tab at a restaurant.

With all the issues that confront our country and what is at stake, my questions is “what does this have to do with anything?” Continue reading

The Jersey Shore Effect

One change in American society that has puzzled me lately is the incredible shift that has taken place in how the rich are viewed.  There is such a considerable amount of hatred for the rich these days whereas we used to envy, respect, or hate the rich on the merits of their wealth.  Sure, there have always been some unscrupulous wealthy, but those that earned their way to the top weren’t lumped in with them.  If you earned your money, it was yours.  I’m sure that there are many factors that contribute to this shift, but I have a theory that one large contributing factors is what I like to call The Jersey Shore Effect which I’ll explain herein. Continue reading

The Catholic Contraceptive Lawsuits

One recent issue that is of definite interest to me is the Catholic Church’s lawsuits filed against the government.  I am not Catholic and I certainly advocate the usage of contraception in a great many situations (and certainly any that I am involved in).  However, the power that the executive branch is asserting (i.e. the ability to define what is religious enough to be religion and the ability to compel in non-critical situations against an individual’s conscience) is very alarming to me.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the logic that has been expressed in the HHS / Catholic Church fight over mandated contraceptive coverage: Continue reading

What the heck is stock?

For some reason I get the feeling that people have no idea what “stocks” are, with some who hold particularly strong views on them being included.  To hold stock in a company is to have some portion of ownership in that company (equity).  Simple as that.  If you hold 100 shares and there are 1,000,000 shares total, you hold 0.01% of the company.  At some point, the original investors owned the company in full, but they either wanted to or had to (to raise money for the company) sell some of it.

So what is the purpose of owning a piece of a company?  Continue reading

Purpose Statement

As the inaugural post in this blog, I figure setting my own expectations and rules is appropriate.

Purpose:  To provide an outlet for my opinions that often get bottled up inside.  I try to avoid rocking the boat in forums such as Facebook, but those opinions have to go somewhere.  Maybe one day I’ll tell people this blog exists.