Is Mitt Romney’s Tax Cut $5 Trillion?

One thing that irked me during the US presidential debates (there were many things, but this stood out) was the continued claim by the President that Mitt Romney was proposing a $5 trillion tax cut, which would simply drive up our debt to astronomical proportions.  This claim should be absurd on its face for a few simple reasons if you actually stop to think about it. Continue reading

Where Everyone Can Be Equally Stupid…

France’s recently elected socialist leader François Hollande made waves with his tax policy ideas, moving France’s upper income tax limit to 75%.  With prohibitive taxes on businesses and individuals moving in French businesses appear to be fleeing the country.  However, the bizarre item that I would like to discuss is his educational policy, which provides a little glimpse into his philosophy of justice. Continue reading

The Potential Consequences of QE3

A few weeks ago QE3 (Quantitative Easing 3) was announced by the US Federal Reserve.  While the average citizen may have completely ignored the announcement based on the complexity of Fed operations, this decision is one that has the potential to profoundly impact lives in the US and worldwide.  From my point of view it is extremely disturbing short-term thinking. Continue reading